Yiwu nowadays has become a world famous brand for the rapid internationalizing of trade and business, the ever-growing export volume and the increasing number of foreign buyers from 200 nations and regions. On the August of 2005,Yiwu was certificated to be " the world's largest commodities wholesaling market' in a China development Report jointly issued by the UN, World Bank and Morgan Stanley. Yiwu Market covers a business area of 2,600,000 sqm, with 50,000 booths, the market boasts a daily visit of over 2,000 person-times, gathering 320,000 kinds of products in 34 industries, ranking the first of all the big markets in China for 14 successive years.590 business agencies are set in Yiwu by overseas companies, over 6,000 foreign buyers lived in Yiwu permanently for sourcing, and 400,000 standard containers are being exported every year. With the trade structure of :selling and sourcing around the world: the young and energetic commercial city Yiwu is gaining momentum to further development.
1. Art & crafts Market---- glass gifts, wooden gifts, crystal goods, bead &stone goods, Christmas gifts, and all kinds of handmade goods etc.
2. Stationeries Market---- pencil, fountain pen, ball pen, pencil box files and all kinds of office supply.
3. Accessories Market---- handmade ring, earring, necklace, hair pin, wig, and all kinds of imitation jewelry etc.
4. Clocks & watches Market---- all kinds of electric/machine clocks& watches
5. Sports Goods Market---- all kinds of sports and leisure goods( football, volleyball, badminton, stpper, bicycle, running machine, etc?.)
6. Textile Market---- clothes, cloth material, towel, and tie etc
7. Socks Market---- all kinds of socks( 100% cotton, nylon materials)
8. Tool Market---- screw driver, forceps, electronic tools, hand tools, garden tools, and all kinds of tool set
9. Toys Market---- all kinds of toys (woolen toys, wooden toys, plastic toys ,electronic toys etc.)
10. Electric Products Market---- all kind of radio recorder, vcd/cd/mp3 player, earphone, microphone iron etc.

There also are Glasses Market, Umbrella Market, Kitchenware Market, Artifical Flower Market, Lace & Ribbon Market etc.
If you plan to purchase large quantity of single items, you may find price of following items is almost lowest in the World:
1.Imitation jewelry, more than 2000 factories in Yiwu city
2.Socks & Stocking, more than 1000 factories
3.Shirts,more than 1000 factories
4.Zipper,more than 500 factories
5.Stationery:Ballpoint pen, notebook, eraser, glue, adhesive tape, paint brush
6.Scarfs,shawl,neckerchief,gloves(magic glove, leather glove, protecting gloves), more than 500 factories
7.Table cloth, straw
8.Photo frame & picture frame, more than 100 factories
9.Artifical flowers, plastic flowers, more than 100 factories
10.Fashion Belts, strap, buckle
11.Hand bag, cosmetic bag, school bag, sports bag, wallet, briefcasePlease note: some factories only have 5-10 worker, and some factories have more than 2000 workersIf you want to buy only 1 ctn or some few ctns per item, so yiwu market is absolute the heaven, you almost can find anything you want here.
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